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About BERKAT – Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia
Our Mission Statement
Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia (BERKAT) is committed to creating an awareness the public of the disease Thalassaemia and it alarming escalation among the peoples of Malaysia and globally as well as improving and enhancing the treatment available to suffers.

Our Aims & Objectives:
• The relief of person suffering from Thalassaemia.
• The promotion and co-ordination of research in connection with Thalassaemia.
• To educate people on the problems of Thalassaemia.
• To offer counseling to members. To bring together their families and well-wisher    to exchange idea and information.
• To raise by any legal means the funds required for the above activities.

Scope of Activities
• Policy reform
• Program development and management
• Development of information dissemination
• The institution of canters of treatment for the disease
• Charity drivers among others

General Information
Currently the registered members of BERKAT do have 7,000 numbers of members and increasing,
Comprising of Malaysian citizens who are either carriers of the disease or suffer from the symptoms of the same. More often than not members suffer from a severe form of Anaemia requiring monthly blood transfusions and accompanying medications, the cost of which is prohibitive and not like that associated with dialysis treatment. BERKAT is beleaguered with financial constraints and currently experiencing great difficulty in meeting the needs of its members. To this end contributions and sponsorship from the public and corporate citizenry are crucial importance.


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Badan Kebajikan Thallaesmia Malaysia ( BERKAT )

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