We are pleased to refer to the above matter for your kind attention. Badan Kebajikan Thalassaemia Malaysia (Berkat Malaysia) is a non-profit charitable organization. Berkat Malaysia is raising funds for underprivileged HBE Beta Thalassaemia patients to acquire the equipment and medical required or used during their blood transfusions.

Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder whereby the red blood cells are unable to carry a sufficient supply of oxygen for the body. Some of the common traits of Thalassaemia patients are:-

• Bone marrow cannot produce normal red blood cells.

• Heart & other organs fail due to lack of oxygen.

• Patients look pale and feel tired all the time.

If not treated, sufferers of Thalassaemia usually die between the ages of 1 to 8 years old.

The opportunity of these HBE Beta Thalassaemia patients carrying on with a normal life is slim mainly due to the limited financial resources of the patients and their families, thus contributing to the increased criticality or fatality of these patients. The cost estimate play an important role with the cost price increase estimated at RM 11.2 million for a total of 14,000 patients nationwide (for once or two times treatment per month) while the percentage of potential sufferers increased every year and a substantial amount of patients have died.

As a continuation of the effort and purpose for the setting up of Berkat Malaysia we are obliged to fulfill the Malaysia Thalassaemia Fund where these contributions will be channeled directly to the Institutions as well as the Bodies or Agencies involved with Thalassaemia patients in Malaysia. It is our goal to help reduce the burden borne by all parties irrespective of whether they are family members, patients or the authorities. To eliminate this disease is something impossible to do but to find ways to reduce the spread of this disease is a continuous effort.

Therefore, we the Berkat Malaysia committees together with the Ministry of Health Malaysia strive to raise fund for Malaysia Thalassaemia Fund.

Donation by cheques should be crossed and made payable to “Tabung Thalassaemia Malaysia


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